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If your customers have suffered from accidental damage to their homes, from minor incidents to major issues with fire and flood, we are here to help.

Our experience in the market, coupled with our highly skilled team ensures jobs are properly assessed and carried out to a very high standard. We focus on customer communication throughout the process, this is a stressful time for the customers involved and it’s very important that they are updated regularly. During the claim processing, we ensure all information is relayed to the insurance company as well as claimant. This enables us to offer high levels of service to both parties, while offering fair costing to the Insurance company to provide a positive experience for all parties concerned. We handle a wide range of claims throughout the UK and are able to offer the full range of services to cover all remedial work required by the claim.

Servicing properties throughout the UK
  • Full network of highly qualified engineers

    to cover all emergency calls covering, gas leaks, water leaks, electrical problems, roof leaks, structural damage, glazing repairs, aeriel repairs, Oil contamination and blocked drains.

  • External building repair

    External building repairs covering structural and liability assessments, damp surveys, roofing, brick work matching and rebuild, driveway repairs.

  • Full access to all necessary specialists

    We have access to all the necessary specialists to repair the property including plastering, decorating, tiling, electrical, plumbing, gas, flooring, stonemasonry, property drying following flood damage, carpet and upholstery cleaning.

  • Internal building repair

    Internal building repair covering assessments to determine liability with detailed breakdown of work required on property and timescales.

Below are a couple of examples of claims we have worked on recently:

Large Oil Leak in garden

We had to move the family out of their home, remove contaminated earth (ensuring all regulations relating to safe disposal were adhered to), once the property was deemed safe for habitation we then returned the family and continued to monitor the earth in the garden for a 2-year period to ensure no further contamination.

Major flood in large family home

“Due to extensive damage, the family was initially moved out and the home emptied. The building had to be fully drained and dried out. Disposal of soft furnishings (which were too damaged to be repaired) and salvageable furniture was put into storage. Once the removal of damaged timber and plaster had been done, rewiring could take place followed by re plastering, re decorating and replacement of soft furnishings. This was a complete end to end service. The site was worked on 7 days a week by the team, to ensure that the family home could be returned to them as soon as possible.”